Rubber Spatula

Rubber Spatula
Di Oro Living sells a Chef Series flexible turner spatula that is definitely not your grandmother’s rubber spatula. Looking for the perfect flexible spatula to perform the tough jobs in the kitchen they were designed to do? Look no further. sells the finest silicone spatulas on the market.
Available both individually and in a 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set, di Oro Living’s new seamless one-piece spatulas are the perfect combination of both form and function. Safe for coated and non-stick cookware, and dishwasher safe these spatulas are infused with an S-Core stainless steel reinforced technology throughout the handle to reduce and prevent breakage, as well as heat resistance up to 450°. 
Di Oro silicone spatulas also use non-slip technology that give cooks a better grip, important when using a spatula for mixing or spreading ingredients inside a bowl or onto a baking sheet. Their heat resistance BPA FREE silicone allows for longer lasting use and easy cleanup. The 3-Piece Silicone Spatula Set provides both a large (11") spatula and small (8") spatula, as well as a large baking spoon for mixing. Also available individually and in a variety of color options.
When you get tired of that old rubber spatula in your kitchen drawer that just can get into corners or scrape your bowls clean in the way that you would like it to, take a look at new technology that is making life in the kitchen easy and enjoyable.
Professional and home chefs agree that a well-made spatula should be made with an innovative design and high-quality materials. Product features of di Oro Living’s silicone spatulas include:
- Ergonomic easy-to-clean seamless one-piece design
- S-Core™ internal stainless steel handle support technology
- High heat 450°F pro-grade silicone
- Soft grip non-slip textured finish
- Safe for coated & non-stick cookware
- Lifetime guarantee
Di Oro Living’s Chef Series pro-grade S-core reinforced handles provide added strength, enhanced durability and increased leverage while working in the kitchen and tackling the tough jobs involved. Each piece in the di Oro Living kitchen collection is produced with the highest standards to ensure long-lasting durability and high performance in any kitchen- including yours!
Di Oro Living invites you to throw out that old rubber spatula and replace it with a superior quality silicone bonded with flexible stainless turner spatula or bowl scraping spatula that will make working in the kitchen pleasurable.
Visit and discover why so many other home and professional chefs are replacing old rubber spatulas with new technology silicone spatulas and spatula sets. One look and we’re convinced, you’ll be a believer in the superior materials that di Oro Living products are made with. Every tool that di Oro Living makes is created to be used- a lot. Their demanding quality standards ensure your di Oro Living tools will be enjoyed for many years to come in your kitchen. Take a look for yourself and find out what chefs the world over are finding out- Di Oro Living products are made to use.
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Rubber Spatula Rubber Spatula