Reusable K Cups

Reusable K Cups
If you’re a coffee drinker who appreciates a really great cup of coffee at an even better price, you may be interested to learn about di Oro Living’s MaxBrew reusable single K cups filters. Designed to last for many years of use in the Keurig 2.0 Brewing System, the MaxBrew features their exclusive PurFlow technology with a specially designed honeycomb pattern that was engineered to ensure your coffee brews evenly every time- even allowing you to use the finest grinds of coffee.
Di Oro Living’s MaxBrew K cup filters are made to save you money and come with a lifetime guarantee! Product features include:
- 24K gold non-reactive PurFlow technology, reusable and refillable filter so that you can taste the difference- not the filter.
- For use in Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 Brewer models
- Economically smart and environmentally friendly- save up to 80% over pods. No wasteful plastic pods to throw out and fill your local landfill.
- 100% BPA, lead and DEHP free & dishwasher safe- years of reliable use, safety and peace of mind.
- Lifetime guarantee- if you’re not happy, di Oro Living is not happy. They will gladly refund your purchase price.
Di Oro Living’s reusable K cups come in 2 sizes- whole carafe MaxBrew filters and single serving K cup filters. They also offer the Ultimate Accessory Pack that includes the whole K carafe filter, the single K cup filter and a six-month supply of charcoal water filter cartridges. The Ultimate Accessory pack is a great deal and provides significant savings over purchasing the products separately.
The secret to choosing the perfect reusable K cups filters is innovative design and quality materials. Di Oro Living’s reusable MasBrew K cups feature their exclusive technology that ensures you get the same cup of coffee every time you brew. The PurFlow technology adds a pure non-reactive 24K gold coating to a highly durable corrosion-resistant SAE 304 18/8 stainless steel mesh filter for better tasting, deliciously fresh and flavorful coffee each time you pour a cup.
The purity of the 24K gold PurFlow means it is non-reactive and will never affect the taste of your coffee, it will not absorb unpleasant flavors like cheaper steel filters will, and it adds no harmful chemicals or bleaching agents like paper filters can.
When you’re ready to taste the difference that high-quality, innovative technology MaxBrew reusable K cups can make in the flavor and integrity of your coffee, visit and take a look at the latest technology on the market. You’ll see why so many coffee drinkers are switching over to the MaxBrew reusable K cups and saving money while enjoying a better cup of coffee.
If you’re tired of filling your garbage can up with coffee pods, purchase reusable, refillable K cups from di Oro Living. From the first taste, you’ll discover the freedom of brewing the coffee you want, when you want, at a price you’ll love.
Reusable K Cups
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Reusable K Cups Reusable K Cups