Refillable K Cups

Refillable K Cups
Have you been thinking about switching over to refillable K cups for coffee brewing? There are a lot of different kinds of reusable filters on the market and not all of them are made equally. The fact is that most refillable K cups are made of cheap plastic and steel, lending your cup of coffee an off-taste that you never really get used to- you just sort of tolerate it because it’s cheaper than buying pods.
If you’re ready for the coffee experience of your life, discover the intensely pure flavor of your coffee with 24K gold coated MaxBrew refillable K cups, designed to deliver the unaltered flavor of your coffee- and nothing else. MaxBrew allows you to drink coffee the way it was always made to taste before bleached paper filters and cheap plastic K cups flooded the market.
Di Oro Living’s MaxBrew refillable K cups come in 2 convenient sizes- the whole K carafe and the single K cup. You can even purchase them together with a 6 month supply of charcoal water filters in The Ultimate Accessory Pack. This pack provides a significant savings over buying each product separately.
MaxBrew was designed to fit the Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 Brewing Systems and features exclusive Pur Flow technology with a specially designed honeycomb pattern engineered to ensure your coffee brews evenly every time- even allowing you to use the finest coffee grinds. When you use the MaxBrew filter, you won’t get results that vary- you’ll get the same, consistently delicious cup of coffee each and every time, so that you can count on how much coffee to use in the filter.
Di Oro Living’s Max Brew refillable K cups are coated in 24 K gold that is non-reactive. They also fit all 2.0 and 1.0 Keurig brewing systems. MaxBrew K cups are economically smart and environmentally friendly. You’ll not only save 80% over wasteful pods, but you won’t be contributing to filling your local landfill with plastic pods. Made of 100% BPA-free materials and are dishwasher safe, for many years of reliable use, safety and peace of mind.
Di Oro Living sells only professional grade tools, so you can be sure that every piece in the di Oro Living kitchen collection is produced with the highest standards to ensure long-lasting durability and high performance in any kitchen. As well, di Oro Living’s products represent a fresh take on the familiar. By refining proven function and form, their innovative design team constantly produces tools you’ll love to use in your own kitchen.
Di oro Living kitchen tools and products are made to be used. Their MaxBrew refillable K cups reflect their demand for high quality that ensures your di Oro Living tools will be enjoyed for many years to come. As always, di Oro Living offers a 100% money back guarantee.
When you’re ready to experience coffee like it was made to be tasted, visit and take a look at their new MaxBrew refillable K cups filters.
Refillable K Cups
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Refillable K Cups Refillable K Cups