Keurig K Cups

Keurig K Cups
Di Oro Living sells the original 24K gold Keurig-designed MaxBrew reusable K cups at great prices you might be interested to take a look at. MaxBrew K cups are like nothing else on the market today. Designed with their exclusive PurFlow technology that incorporates honeycomb patterns to ensure that every single cup of coffee you brew tastes the same. It even allows you to brew with ultra-fine grind coffee.
If you’re tired of throwing your money out every time you toss a plastic pod in the garbage, pay special attention to how reusable Keurig-designed K cups can save you up to 80% over purchased pods. You won’t just save a little bit of money when you use a refillable K cup, you’ll save a lot- each and every time you use the MaxBrew.
Di Oro Living’s MaxBrew Keurig-designed K cups filters are different than other K cups in several important ways. Unlike other K cups that are made of cheap plastic that leaches into your coffee and steel that alters the flavor of the coffee, MaxBrew is coated in 24K gold that is non-reactive with the natural chemicals that are in the coffee beans. This is the major difference you’ll notice when you brew with the MaxBrew filter. Bleached paper filters can leave your coffee with an off-taste, while steel filters can leave a metallic flavor. MaxBrew’s PurFlow technology with its 24K gold coating lets you taste nothing but the coffee itself.
Di Oro Living offers their Keurig-style K cups in two sizes for your convenience- MaxBrew whole K carafe filters for those times when you want to brew an entire carafe of coffee and single K cups for times when you just want to make one cup. If you’re interested in purchasing both of the MaxBrew filter sizes, they come in The Ultimate Accessories Pack, along with a 6 month supply of charcoal water filters, all at a great savings over purchasing them separately.
If you’re a coffee lover and you want to enjoy the ultimate coffee drinking experience, try the MaxBrew Keurig-style K cups from di Oro Living.With its ability to save you money on the coffee you’re buying, the MaxBrew is really more of an investment than an actual expenditure. For the low price of the MaxBrew filter, you’ll begin saving money on coffee the very first time you use it, and every time you use it thereafter. The MaxBrew K cup filter can pay for itself the first week you use it.
MaxBrew Keurig-style K cups are for use in all Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 brewing systems, and can be used in K200, K300, K400 and K500 Series brewers. Imagine the coffee you love at a fraction of the price, with no compromise in taste and plenty of full, rich flavor that only comes from brewing through PurFlow technology. Now imagine that technology at your fingertips. Visit to purchase the MaxBrew.
Keurig K Cups
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Keurig K Cups Keurig K Cups