Keurig Filters

Keurig Filters
Are you looking for low-priced Keurig-style K cup filters? Your search is over- you’ve found the MaxBrew, only at di Oro Living. 
Pre-filled plastic offee pods cost a lot of money. You may not be aware that reusable K cup filters can save you up to 80% on the cost of buying coffee. If you enjoy expensive brands of coffee, this can amount to a significant savings. Yet all K cup filters are not created equal. Many K cups are made from cheap plastics that actually leach toxins into your coffee, while most of these also have steel mesh filters that can make coffee taste metallic. Why bother saving money on coffee when it comes with a compromise in taste?
Di Oro Living is the home of MaxBrew, Keurig-style K carafe and K cup filters that fit the Keurig 2.0 and 1.0 brewing systems. The MaxBrew is not just a cut above other K cup filters, it is really like nothing else on the market today, and with one look, you'll see why.
MaxBrew reusable filters feature their exclusive PurFlow technology with a specially designed honeycomb pattern engineered to ensure your coffee brews evenly every time- even allowing you to use extra-fine grind coffee. Even brewing means you can count on how much coffee to add to the K cup every single time you brew coffee. There’s no guessing or hit-or-miss type of filling when you use the MaxBrew. The amount of coffee you add to the MaxBrew filter that makes your perfect cup of coffee is the same amount you can count on adding every time to get the same cup of coffee with every brew.
Di Oro Living’s MaxBrew has special features, including:
- 24K gold non-reactive PurFlow technology, reusable, refillable K cup or K carafe filter, so that you can taste the coffee instead of the filter.
- For use in all Keurig 2.0 Brewer models including the K200, K300, K400, and K500 Series.
- MaxBrew filters are economically smart and environmentally friendly, and will save you up to 80% over using disposable, plastic pods that end up in your local landfill, taking up valuable space.
- 100% BPA free, lead-free and DEHP free, dishwasher safe. You’ll enjoy many years of reliable use, safety and peace of mind.
- Best of all, the MaxBrew comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re ever not satisfied, return for a full refund.
Coffee lovers agree that the secret to choosing perfect reusable Keurig-style filters is innovative design and quality materials. If you’re a coffee lover, and you would like to experience all the taste of the coffee that you go to such lengths to select and purchase, you’ll love the MaxBrew filter.
MaxBrew is a high-quality, professional-grade kitchen tool that can be purchased from, where each piece from their kitchen collection is produced with the highest standards to ensure long-lasting durability and high performance in any kitchen.
Keurig Filters
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Keurig Filters Keurig Filters