Keurig Accessories

Keurig Accessories
If you’re looking for Keurig accessories at great prices, visit and take a look at their deals on Keurig-style reusable K cups, K carafes and charcoal water filters, made by di Oro Living.
MaxBrew is di Oro Living’s latest technology in brewing coffee, and is unlike any other reusable Keurig filter on the market. What makes MaxBrew totally different is in the way that it’s been designed and in the materials it’s made with.
If you love coffee, but are tired of paying the high prices of disposable pods that cost so much for such a small amount of coffee in them, you’re certainly not alone. It’s almost as though you’re paying for the cost of the plastic pod instead of the coffee. Perhaps you’ve been thinking about purchasing a refillable K cup for your Keurig coffee maker. Before you do- you might want to consider how most of those K cups are made.
Many Keurig-style K cup filters and accessories are made from the cheapest possible plastic that leaches toxins into your coffee, leaving your cup of joe tasting a lot different than it is intended to taste. With many K cups, you’re just compromising flavor to save money.
Meet the MaxBrew Keurig-style reusable K cup filter, and its accessories. MaxBrew is different than other K cups because of its PurFlow technology with a specially-designed honeycomb pattern engineered to ensure that your coffee brews evenly every time. You can even brew with ultra-fine grind coffee. The biggest advantage of a filter that brews evenly is that there is no hit-or-miss involved when filling up your K cup. The amount of coffee that you add to make your perfect cup of coffee is the same amount you add every time. 
Di Oro Living sells a Keurig-style Ultimate Accessories pack for the Keurig brewing system that comes with a whole K carafe filter, a single K cup filter and a 6 month supply of charcoal water filters, all at a great savings over purchasing the items separately. If you’ve ever thought about owning a high-quality K cup or K carafe filter, this is a terrific deal on the best filters on the market.
MaxBrew K filters have distinct advantages over other K cup filters out there right now, including their 24K gold coating that keeps your coffee from reacting with lesser quality metals that so many other K cups are made from. The 24K gold coating allows you to taste your coffee instead of the filter.
If you’re interested in investing in the taste and quality of your cup of coffee, see for yourself the difference that MaxBrew Keurig-style filters and accessories can make. Coffee drinkers the world over agree that the real secret to choosing the perfect reusable coffee filter is in the innovative design of the cup and the quality of materials. Don’t skimp on either. Try the MaxBrew refillable filter and see what coffee lovers are talking about. MaxBrew products are available at
Keurig Accessories
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Keurig Accessories Keurig Accessories